Year / Semester Abroad Programme

Studying at a university abroad will allow students to be exposed to a different cultural and academic environment and can be both challenging and rewarding. This programme benefits students in numerous aspects including experiencing another culture, which is often recognised by employers or future universities, enhancing student's understanding of their subject as well as increasing their network of friends and contacts.

Thanks to our strong links in China with universities, government, media and local education authorities, we are working with colleges and universities in the UK to introduce and promote their year/semester abroad programmes to the most talented students in China. We can also facilitate our partner HEI to promote their foundation year/undergrad courses in China.

New Study Abroad Partners 
We have formed new study abroad partnerships with several universities and colleges in the UK, these include Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford and St Anne's College, Oxford and the Queen Mary University of London. These study abroad programmes will allow students to study in a globally renowned institution for a semester or a year. Students from China will be able to experience the high-quality education offered by the UK and experience the British culture during their study. We are ready to recruit students for the next year!


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